We are getting closer and closer. Here is everything you need to know before your arrival, so be attentive.

When you arrive in Lausanne, register BEFORE you do anything and you will get access to the different areas.

Please take note that this year championship will be held as a closed event. This means any non-registered couriers or staff will not be able to enter the event.

· FRIDAY: registration opens at 5pm and will take place at the “Cantine de Sauvabelin”.

· SATURDAY: look for us at the side events during the day (Sprint and UpHill) and back to the “Cantine de Sauvabelin” at night.

· SUNDAY: you will find us at the “Place de la Riponne” (location of the Main Event).

Again, we are against waste and we are pretty sure you have the following items at home, so bring them with:

A T-SHIRT, so we can screenprint the SUICMC21 logo on it (white and black ink only)


A PLATE or anything to put food in




And then, during the whole event, please respect the usual and following SANITARY RULES:

· In each location, keep your mask on. Also, you will receive one in your welcome package and we will keep masks, hydroalcoholic gel and sufficient garbage cans available, so don’t hesitate to ask to our amazing staff.

· In the waiting lines for registration and meals, please make sure to have space for everyone to have a safe distance.

· Each area will only be accessible by the BRACELET HOLDERS provided by us. There will be different COLORS for the different accesses and types.

In the HOUSING, here are the instructions:

· Please respect a 10 square meters of personal space to respect the sanitary distances.

· When moving around, please keep their masks on.

· The changing rooms and showers will be limited to the number of people.

Bare with us in the process and everything will fall into place.


See you on Friday.

Lots of Love from the people of the comity SUICMC2021.


Dear Messfam,

We are against waste and we are pretty sure that you have a T-shirt in your closet. Please bring it with you if you want to screenprint the SUICMC21 logo on it. Also we ask you to bring with you a cup, something to put food in, fork, knife and spoon.

Thanks for your participation !

See you soon !
Love - the organising team


Pre-event 28 July at La Chaux-de-Fonds
28.07.2021, 17:00, Alleycat, @ Parc des Musées
29.07.2021, Group ride to Yvderon-les-Bains

Facebook event:

Pre-event 29-30 July at Yverdon-les-Bains.
29.07.2021, Food and party by the lake @ Les Iris 33, Yverdon-les-Bains
30.07.2021, Group ride to Lausanne

Facebook event: